Communication with a client

Basic branding microsite

Preparing and setting up the registration form

Inserting the microsite content

Template creation and e-mail content distribution, distribution of invitation e-mails

Progressive reporting of status registration (possible client's online entry into the system)

Approx. 8-10 hours of support

Setting types and prices of tickets

Setting payment modes, invoice proforma documents and taxation forms

Always as an individual solution with a project prize

Approx. 20-100 hours of support

Price: from 1.390




Graphic design of eTicket in PDF

Generating all tickets with QR codes for confirmed subscribers and sending tickets via e-mail

Technical implementation of the check-in on site (delivery of HW + SW). Up to 5x QR reader, 1x server + LTE Access Point

Outputs / reports from on-site check-in. • about 8 hours of support + HW

Very fast printing of individual badges on site, including HW delivery and operator training.

Always an individual solution with a project prize

About 12-16 hours of support

Price: from 790




Client communication, branding applications

Preparation and setting of Agenda, Speakers, Polling, Questions to Speakers, Feedback

Content collaboration (up to 30 Agenda and Speakers items)

Reporting usage of application information section + statistical and aggregate outputs from interactive parts of application.

A functional web app on a domain specified by the client or on the (or on the domain registered by the client and directed to our server).

approx. 20+ hours of support



event contests

always an individual solution with a project prize

Price: from 2.190

Save 380

3 modules = complete solution for the whole event
for a special price of   3.990